Stansberry Research
From the Desk of: Mike Palmer, Copy Chief, Stansberry Research

Mark Down This Date: April 21st -23rd

A “First-Time-Ever” Event for a Select Few Who Want to Become the Best and Highest Paid Copywriters in the World

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

If you are serious about becoming one of the world's highest-paid copywriters...

Stop reading books.

Stop going to conferences.

Stop taking courses... and stop wasting your time on copy blogs.

Because if you are serious... REALLY serious... about becoming a great copywriter and getting rich in this business, none of that stuff matters.

After 15 years of hiring and training dozens of copywriters...

And helping to build one of the largest publishing businesses in the world... I can tell you with 100% certainty:

The only thing that matters... and the only thing that can put you at the top of the copywriting world, is to work closely, every single day, with a group of great copywriters.

And that's why today I want to invite you to a 3-day event that can change your life.

Hi, my name is Mike Palmer.

I've run the copy team at Stansberry Research for the past 15 years.

As far as I know, no other group in our business has come close to selling as many subscriptions and generating as much net revenue as we have during that period of time.

I've hired and trained more than three dozen copywriters during this time. And many of these folks are now among the highest paid writers anywhere in the world. I'll introduce you to a few of them in just a minute.

But this letter is not about me and the past... it's about you... and your future.

You see...

Beginning April 21st, I'm hosting a first-ever Stansberry Copywriter Bootcamp at our brand new headquarters in Baltimore's historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood.

The purpose of this 3-day weekend is simple:


And I'm looking for a very small group of competitive, hard-working, and determined individuals who, over the next few years, want to put themselves among the best and highest-paid copywriters in the world.

This 3-day Bootcamp in Baltimore is unlike anything we've ever done before.

It will give you unprecedented access to me and my team.

You'll learn our copy process. We'll work together on live promotions. We'll talk about the ideas we're most excited about right now. We'll show you what's working in our business, and what's not. We'll show you numbers, data and processes we've never made public before.

Then, at the end of the 3-day weekend, our plan is to offer several full-time copywriter jobs and trial projects.

Now, before I go any further...

Let me make it clear whom this event is for...

This event is NOT for folks looking for part-time or freelance work. This is NOT for people who want to work at home. This is NOT for people who are looking for additional training. This is NOT for folks who don't want to work in our Baltimore office.

If any of those descriptions sound like you, please do not waste my time.

This Bootcamp is for folks who want to work Full Time in our Baltimore office.


* If you are a copywriter with little to no experience, but willing to work your butt off and do whatever it takes to become a great copywriter (and get wealthy in the process), this event is for you.

* If you are an experienced copywriter, but feel "stuck" in your current position, either because you're not getting the advanced training you need... not getting paid appropriately... or because the business you're in doesn't have the ability to take advantage of your copy... this event is definitely for you.

* If you love the challenge and rewards of great marketing, but you're tired of selling inferior products... or tired of being asked to trick, mislead, or confuse your customer to make a sale, then this is an event you'll want to attend.

What can working at Stansberry Research mean for you and your career?

Well, rather than tell you about how this can change your life, I'd rather just show you what some of the copywriters who have worked at Stansberry over the years recently told me when I asked for their thoughts...

left quote

"World's Greatest Writing Job, Now Accepting Resumes..."

4 years ago, I was a cubicle zombie at one of the largest Investment Banks in the world. But I was miserable... I knew my brain was rotting. I needed to get out, I just had no idea where to look.

Then I saw an ad that read: "For the first time in 5 years, the greatest writing job in the world is now accepting resumes. Make six figures in less than two years." The ad turned out to be extremely misleading. I was making six figures in less than 1 year!

We don't always know the biggest days of our lives as they're happening. But looking back, meeting Mike Palmer, Porter and the folks at Stansberry Research has been a true turning point in my life."

    --Stansberry Copywriter for 3 years

left quote

"Now I'm a millionaire..."

I worked for Stansberry for more than 8 years, under the direct guidance of Mike Palmer. When I first started I was living in my parents' basement with about $10,000 in savings.

Today, I'm a millionaire and it's all because of the skills I learned at Stansberry.  I make, on average, enough royalties in one quarter to pay for a degree from Harvard. And it's all because of the direct one-on-one mentorship I received from so many excellent copywriters while working there. I could not have gotten where I am today without Mike. For that I am eternally grateful."

--Stansberry Copywriter for 8 years

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"I got on the TV show ‘Shark Tank'..."

I've used copywriting skills I learned at Stansberry to build a multimillion dollar business called Spy Escape & Evasion. I used the same copy skills to write a New York Times bestselling book called Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. I also used them to get on the TV show Shark Tank. (I wrote a letter to the producers telling them about my business I wanted to pitch.)

There is no doubt in my mind that the skills I learned at Stansberry are the foundation of my success and I will be forever thankful for the chance to work there. Being a copywriter is incredibly hard work, but the opportunities it brings are well worth it.

--Stansberry copywriter for 5 years

left quote

"It's Almost Impossible to Earn Less Than 6 Digits"

If you want to become a successful copywriter, there is no better person to learn from than Mike Palmer.

Pretty much everything I know about copywriting I learned from Mike... and today, those skills provide me with a lifestyle most Americans only dream of.

If you work hard and follow his advice, it's almost impossible to earn less than 6 digits. And from there, the sky's the limit.

--Stansberry copywriter for 6 years

left quote

"It's like getting a Ph.D. in copywriting"

For me, landing a job at Stansberry was like being drafted to the Yankees during the Mickey Mantle era.

I learned to write copy with an all-star team led by Mike Palmer, often considered the best financial copywriter in America.

It changed my life.

I've lived and worked in Baltimore, New York City, and California, all of which Stansberry made possible. If you're serious about becoming a copywriter, stop reading books. Stop taking courses. Join Stansberry.

You'll learn more in one year than anyone could teach you elsewhere. It's like getting a Ph.D. in copywriting.

No matter what you end up doing with your professional life, you'll become a far better writer and thinker.

--Stansberry copywriter for 10 years

left quote

"Today I'm One of the Top Writers..."

Back in 2007, I was lucky enough to get hired by Stansberry Research as a junior copywriter. I knew nothing about the business. I knew nothing about copywriting.

Within 4 months, I finished my first full-length promo. It was a huge hit. I made a lot of money for the company... and a lot of money for myself (and my family).

  Today, I consider myself to be one of the top front-end writers in the business. I can tell you – with 100% conviction – that I owe my success as a copywriter to the training I received at Stansberry.

 --Stansberry Copywriter for 5 years

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"The Copy Equivalent of Playing for Barcelona"

You won't really know how good you can be until you can write consistently and successfully for Stansberry. It's the copywriting equivalent of playing for Barcelona... the New York Yankees... or the New England Patriots.

It's made me a better writer, a better thinker, and a better person.

It's also given me a lot of freedom, financial and otherwise. Once you spend a year or two challenging yourself, learning our system, and our ideas for what really makes good copy, you could probably get a job working for just about any other company... but you may not want to.

--Stansberry Copywriter for 12 years

left quote

"Ask any veteran DR marketer..."

Joining Stansberry was the best decision of my life. It was the first time a company provided me an environment to learn a skill set that is in short supply but in big demand.

There is no better place to learn copy from the most respected team of direct response copywriters in the world. For proof, just ask any veteran DR marketer what they think about Stansberry's copy team... they are considered legends in the Internet Marketing world.

Without the opportunity to learn from Stansberry's copy team I am sure I would be working in an office without any creative ability. I am sure I would be relying on a paycheck to survive... Instead my possibilities are now endless.

--Stansberry Copywriter for 8 years

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"It was a huge sacrifice on every level..."

After studying copywriting for 3 years and working on a few small projects here and there, I couldn't get it off the ground as a career. That all changed in November of 2008, at the height of the great recession.

As soon as I heard Mike Palmer speak and say he was looking for writers, I KNEW that was a shortcut to being an in-demand copywriter. I remember Mike telling me I should pay him to come work for Stansberry because of the doors it would open. At the time I thought he was just trying to sell me and create some kind of false positioning. Fact is, he understated the truth. 

I closed my handyman business, sold half my possessions and moved from a 3,500 sq ft home in Knoxville, TN to a 1,500 sq ft townhouse in Baltimore. We uprooted two kids and my wife quit her job. It was a huge sacrifice on every level. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I stayed with Stansberry for almost 2 years. After that, I went freelance. And for the next 5 years, I never worried about work or money. Work was easy to come by and I made well into 6-figures.

Now, I've taken that knowledge and skill and use it to build my own coaching & information publishing business in the personal development space. Stansberry absolutely changed the course of my life. I am forever grateful to Mike, his team, and to Porter Stansberry.

 --Stansberry Copywriter for 2 years

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"I joined from one of the biggest competitors..."

I came to Stansberry from one of its biggest competitors. I was living what most people consider "the copywriter's dream." 

But I always knew I wanted more. I wanted to be considered one of the best copywriters in the industry. I wanted a chance to make more in royalties than most folks make in a year. And I knew that I'd never achieve any of those goals until I left my comfy gig... and worked alongside the smartest copywriters in the world. 

When it came time to make that move, the choice was simple. No other financial publisher has built a copy team that boasts as strong a track record of promotions that are honest, compelling, and wildly successful—without any of the cheesy, hype-y, inauthentic "tricks" that new copywriters are taught to use. 

                                                            --Stansberry Copywriter for 2 years

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"Rocket Fuel for my career..."

By working at Stansberry, not only will you get a first-class copywriting education and mentorship experience, but you'll also have the opportunity to make a ridiculous amount of money.

Because of the training I got, my writing crushes most freelance copywriters. And having Stansberry on my resume was like rocket-fuel for my career.

Bottom line: If you want to be a professional copywriter, there's no better place to work than Stansberry Research.

--Stansberry Copywriter for 2 years

left quote

"There is as right way and a wrong way..."

There is a right and a wrong way to write copy. At Stansberry, you learn the right way. And that puts you ahead of 90% of the other copywriters out there. It's an education you can use for years after.

I brought in over 100,000 front end names last year. And I did it using the same copy tests, the same idea generation tips, and the same research techniques I learned from Mike Palmer in my first year as a copywriter. These tools are that powerful.

    --Stansberry Copywriter for 3 years

left quote

"I was part of the first Copy Pod..."

What I've achieved in my professional life I owe to my time at Stansberry Research. I was part of the first "copy pod" in 2003. I got to learn firsthand from two of the world's best copywriters: Mike Palmer and Porter Stansberry (who are both still very hands on in the business).

In nine years, I sold tens of millions in services...and learned more about copy and direct response than most folks absorb in an entire career. 

Starting in 2012, I became copy chief and co-publisher of a $95 million company in Florida.

--Stansberry Copywriter for 9 years

left quote

"I Haven't figured it all out yet..." 

"In my third year at Stansberry Research, I've made close to 10 times what I was making before, and I'm now on the board of the non-profit I used to work for.

I don't know where in the world I'll be in 5 years. I know I want to spend more time traveling. And I know I want to write a novel at some point. The point is--I haven't figured it all out, yet.

But in the meantime, I'm not standing still. I'm becoming a better writer every day. And no matter where in the world my life takes me, I'll never have to worry about finding a way to make money.

--Stansberry Copywriter for 3 years 

Hearing these stories reminded me that most copywriters don't want to be great. They want to be "just good enough."

They want to be good enough to get a steady flow of freelance work... but have little interest in doing spectacular work... or in producing copy that's recognized and copied by the entire industry.

The interesting thing, however, is that I don't think "just good enough" is going to cut it for much longer for most freelancers.

You might not be aware of this, but times are changing in the copywriting world—and fast.

When I first began building our copy team 15 years ago, no one else had an in-house copy team. Everyone used freelance writers.

But not anymore.

Now, EVERYONE recognizes the huge advantage of a great in-house team. And everyone is moving in that direction.

One of our biggest competitors, for example, had maybe two in-house copywriters five years ago... now they have 20.

Another business I'm familiar with went from perhaps one in-house writer to a dozen, over roughly the same period.

The truth is: No one wants to use freelance writers anymore... unless they are very, very good, and have lots of real experience working with one of the major players in the industry.

Just you wait and see...

In a few years, it's going to be much, much harder (if not impossible) for mediocre freelancers to land the most lucrative work.

It's all getting done by in-house teams... and freelancers will be left to fight over the scraps at the bottom of the pile.

My point is, if you spend a few years as part of one of the best in-house copy teams, you put yourself miles ahead of all the other freelancers out there... if that is your ultimate goal.

If you are determined to become a top copywriter, you are making a huge mistake by not joining a top copy team, even if its only for a few years.

Our business is looking to expand... and that's why this April, we're hiring a new Copywriter Class.

If you miss out on this chance to join us, you'll likely have to wait at least three years for the opportunity to come around again.

And this is probably the last copy class I'll ever train personally.

So if you want to become a part of our team, if you want to get rich, if you want to get much better as a copywriter, here's what you do:

#1. First, convince me to invite you to our Bootcamp in Baltimore.

I recommend you send a resume, samples of your copy or other writing, and a 2-4 page letter explaining why we should consider you. Send this information to:

The deadline for applying to attend our Copy Bootcamp is Midnight, Sunday, March 19th.

Please keep in mind, space is extremely limited. We expect to invite no more than 20 potential copywriters to Baltimore.

#2. Next, we'll let you know by Friday, March 24th if you made the cut and whether or not you are invited to attend our April Bootcamp.

#3. Finally, If you are selected, you'll be responsible for paying for your own transportation to Baltimore and for lodging.

We've arranged a discounted rate of $189 per night (normally $229) at a great hotel in the Inner Harbor East neighborhood.

We'll take care of the rest.

And here's how the weekend is going to work:

On Friday, April 21st, we'll meet for cocktails, near the hotel.

Then we'll meet at Stansberry Research Headquarters all day Saturday.

Porter Stansberry (the founder and CEO of our business and one of the world's best copywriters) will join us in the early morning. After working all day, we'll go to a baseball game Saturday night.

We've reserved a Suite at Camden Yards on Saturday night to watch the Orioles and the Boston Red Sox.

We'll cover the costs of the game, and all meals while you are here. On Sunday morning, we'll meet again, and wrap up before lunch.

Then... in the week that follows, we'll offer full-time jobs and trial projects to the folks who seem like the best fit.

One final warning, however:

I want to know what will be expected of you, should you be offered a copywriter position on my team.

First of all, let's talk pay...

We pay high base salaries, the highest in the industry as far as I know.

Our starting salary for even the most inexperienced copywriter (or any other employee for that matter) is $52,000 per year. Those with several years and significant copywriting success under their belt can earn $80,000 per year.

Top copywriters make significantly more in base pay alone.

Then, of course, you have the chance as a copywriter to earn royalties on the copy you write, from day one.

This can mean as little as $1,000 per year or less... or as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, depending on the quantity and quality of your work.

Now, let's talk expectations...

This is not a "punch-the-clock," 9-5 job. My team and I will be spending an extraordinary amount of our time and energy over the next two years training this new class of writers.

You should really be paying me to be here, not the other way around.

So if you are not prepared to work harder and longer than you've ever worked before, don't bother applying.

I'm looking for folks who want to eat, sleep, and breathe copy over next few years, to position themselves among the best and highest paid in the business.

If you aren't willing to put forth extraordinary effort, which means reading and writing more than you've ever done in your life... don't bother applying.

The last time a hired a copy class I had to let someone go in the first 30 days simply because the effort was not there.

In short: Think carefully about the commitment and whether or not this is really something you want to do for the next few years.

For the right people, of course, working as a copywriter at Stansberry Research will change your life.

I told you about some of the copywriters who have worked here over the years already.

And I can tell you that for me personally, working here turned me from a copywriter no one had ever heard of (and few people wanted to hire) into one of the most successful writers in the business.

During my years here, I've brought on more than 1 million paid subscribers. I've sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products. I've made a lot of money... and I still love what I do... even 15 years later.

I love the intellectual challenge. I love the rush and excitement of finding and executing a great idea. And I love that our business helps hundreds of thousands of people make better financial decisions and avoid the pitfalls of Wall Street.

Plus, I'm excited about the future.

Porter Stansberry is the smartest businessman I've ever met in my life. You probably don't know this, but I can count at least a dozen huge innovations in our business that he's come up with personally over the past decade.

Now these ideas are standard practice, copied by everyone.

Porter has some incredible things planned for the next few years too. I'll tell you more about this if you join me in Baltimore.

What we've got in store is going to revolutionize not only the financial newsletter business, but perhaps the entire financial industry.

Like I said, if you miss out on this chance to work with Porter and me, you'll probably have to wait at least three years for the opportunity to come around again.

And this is likely the last copy class that Porter and I will ever train personally.

So... If you want to truly change your life... and if you are truly serious about becoming a great copywriter, get your application in Before Sunday, March 19th. Simply send an email with attachments to:


Mike Palmer
Copy Chief, Stansberry Research

P.S. I don't want the wrong people showing up for my first-ever Bootcamp. Working at Stansberry and working in Baltimore is NOT right for most folks. I'm not looking for "most people" however... I'm looking only for a select few. If you're unsure about whether or not a job at Stansberry is right for you, read my document called "Why Stansberry Research is Probably Not for You" right here on our website